Common accidents involving trucks in Georgia include:

. A pile-up accident involves three or more cars. This type of accident usually occurs when stopping is required. The truck does not stop in time, rear-ending the car in front of them and pushing them into additional cars.

Jackknife. A jackknife accident occurs when a tractor trailer folds in half while on the roadways resembling a pocket knife being unfolded. This type of accident usually occurs when the driver of the truck slams on their brakes, usually when descending a hill, and the trailer moves out sideways from the back of the truck. The trailer itself can tip over at this time. The trailer is uncontrollable at this point and can slam into other cars on the roadway.

Under-ride. An under-ride event occurs when a car goes under the trailer of a semi-truck. This can happen for many different reasons. Some Atlanta statistics show that under-ride accidents account for over 50 percent of all highway fatalities.

Truck-Pedestrian. When trucks enter populated areas with narrow streets, they can be very hard to maneuver. A truck that does not judge the distance correctly for a turn in these areas can cause serious harm or death to any pedestrians in the way.

Rear-end Collisions. A rear-end collision can happen at any stopping area, to cars pulled off on the shoulder of the road, or when exiting the freeway. In most cases, it is failure to brake in sufficient time that causes these events.

Head-on Collisions. If a driver is over tired, they can easily become distracted and lose control of the vehicle. Head-on collisions almost always end in a fatality.